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Need a clean surface fast then use lasers

Laser cleaning operates by ablating a specific layer of material or substrate is uncovered through the removal of undesired layers or incoherent particle distributions. Laser cleaning process now has found a wide variety of uses ranging from Aerospace, Automotive, composite manufacturing, Medical and Pharmaceutical, etc. industries

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Skills the top 50 companies on LinkedIn are looking for

Recent technology transformation has had a major impact on what skills hiring managers are looking for in employees. Understanding what skills the top hiring managers are looking for it critical to landing a desired career.

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Medtech Giant BD planning $60 million investment

Medtech giant BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) will be investing over $60 million to transform the manufacturing facility in Columbus, NE, into a plastic injection molding manufacturing center of excellence by 2021.

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Renewable power for desalination 

Water scarcity challenges across the global are very well known and across the globe a wide variety of innovative approaches are being taken to develop sustainable solutions for clean drinking water, one recent development was use of Graphene Oxide membranes for desalination. Abu Dhabi’s Masdar has launched a pilot program to use renewable energy for the desalination process along with other initiatives to reduce the over all energy foot print needed for desalination.